Halflings are a very relaxed and welcoming race. They prefer to stay home and spend time with friends and family and almost all their celebrations are centered around large feasts and communal gatherings. The Halflings live within the borders of the Dravistan empire. The few who choose to leave the comfort of their homes typically join the merchant kingdom of Pirynna.


The Halflings worship of Aitheoir, as with all their festivities, centers around large communal gatherings and food; including food offerings to Aitheoir and whatever patron Angel the village serves.


The Halfings native language is Common though due to their close relation with the Dragonborn many Halflings speak both languages. Additionally many common Draconian words have filtered into Halfling common speech.

Halflings write almost exclusively in common. The small number of spell casters within their race typically pick up the practice travelling with the Merchants of Pirynna and as such use |Elven in their magical work.


Bythr'han Sageheart