Eladrin are haughty isolationists who have little interest in the outside world. The Eladrin are related to Elves, but broke away long ago to more fully explore their magical roots. Over the centuries the Eladrin have evolved into a distinct race from their elven ancestors. Eladrin want nothing more than to be left alone to continue their exploration of the magical world, but reluctantly accept that interaction with the other kingdoms is an annoying necessity. Sometimes called snow elves, the Eladrin rule the Yskilian kingdom and are found almost exclusively within its borders.


The Eladrin believe that magic is the essence of Aitheoir’s power that was left behind when the world was created. As such their worship of Aitheoir tends to revolve around the study and understanding of magic and the magical world.


The Elven language is very fluid and soft, built on words that sounds almost musical when uttered together. This developed during the elves forest dwelling time and made it so that as elven rangers called to one another their voices would sound like whispered, musical echoes that would not betray their position in the forest. This led many travelers to refer to their language as “Elf Song.”

The Elven alphabet id based on thin/narrow characters with a lot of stylized elements like curls. The characters would also feature various fringe elements on each character (small dots and such added along the edges of the letter or within the curls) that change based on a variety of factors such as the position of the letter within the word, its position relative to other characters, or the overall meaning of the word (for example the difference between the past and future tense might be nothing more than the fringe on certain letters). This same script would also be used for writing any magical seals. This alphabet is used by both Elves and Eladrin, though many elves have adopted the language native to either the Dwarves or the Humans based on where they live and only use formal Elven writing for magic and formal events.


Bythr'han Sageheart