Dwarves are warriors that are as tough as the stone caverns that they called home in ancient times. But dwarves are not all hardheadedness and battle, they particularly enjoy unwinding with beer and raucous celebration that usually devolves into a brawl. The Dwarves are almost entirely concentrated within the kingdom of Barastovar. Few make homes outside of its borders as patriotic pride is practically bred into the race. The very few that do settle in other kingdoms are typically merchants that do so out of necessity, though Barastovar will always be their home.

Religious Practices

Dwarven worship of Aitheoir is tied up in numerous rites and rituals that are all precisely defined and must be carried out with military precision. Dwarves have carefully spelled out rituals for almost every event ranging from major life events like marriage to the mundane like the opening and closing of the temple doors at the start and end of each day.


Spoken Dwarven is a very course and guttural language built around short, sharp words that can be quickly called out to warn of one of the many dangers that can face a race while living underground. This ties in well to their militaristic culture, where complex orders can be barked out very quickly. Most words would have very distinct sounds so as not to be easily misheard during a hectic situation.

Standard dwarven writing would be a syllabary alphabet (like Japanese katakana or hirigana) where each character represents a specific syllable of the word.The Dwarven alphabet would be based on thick/strong characters with square corners and tapered ends that could be easily carved into rock or engraved into metal. There would be a some more complicated characters for common combinations of syllables such as verb tenses, gender, etc.

The dwarves have a second alphabet used specifically for magical purposes (such as spell circles or for carving into the bodies of Warforged) that would be logographic (like Japanese kanji) where each character represents a simple word or idea and are combined together to form more complex words and ideas.


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