1. Manikhar – The largest of the world’s continents, its landmass occupies most of the eastern hemisphere of By’thrhan.

  • Its landmass extends into both the northern and southern hemispheres and as such it includes a wide range of landscapes.
  • Home to 2 of the 5 great kingdoms: Yuan-Karth and Barastovar

2. Kithandere – A small continent in the south western hemisphere of By’thrhan. It is roughly 1/4th the size of Manikhar.

  • The landmass is fairly close to the equator and as such has very warm temperatures. Most of the continent is desert except for the northern and western coasts where rainfall is frequent; as such most of the major population centers are located on or near these coasts.
  • Home to 1 of the 5 great kingdoms: Dravistan

3. The Harandar Islands – these are a wide cluster of islands that extend from the western coast of Manikhar into the northern areas of the western hemisphere. Most of the larger island masses are clustered in-between Manikhar and Kithandere as well as north of Kithandere near the equator.

  • The largest of the Harandar islands are largely tropical and desert islands, though some smaller islands extend north into more temperate and even frigid climates.
  • The islands are home to 1 of the 5 great kingdoms: Pirynna

4. Forshac and Forbith – These are the polar continents and they exist at the extreme polar north (Forbith) and south (Forshac). Forshac is the larger landmass, roughly twice the size of its southern counterpart.

  • Forbith is largely comprised of several smaller, habitable landmasses (ostensibly the northern most of the Harandar Islands) which are essentially joined together by the frozen sheet ice due to their proximity to the northern pole. Forbith is almost entirly frozen over and is almost entirely uninhabitable.
  • Forshac (and to a small extent Forbith) is home to 1 of the 5 great kingdoms: Yskilian, The Great Tribe.


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