Bythr'han Time Line

Below is a rough timeline of Bythr’han after the Shattering that remade the world.

DM Note: This timeline is very much a work in progress. Dates may change and events may be added or removed as the world evolves.

OW – Old World
NW – New World

- ?? OW: Aitheoir create Bythr’han and the various races. (The exact date is unknown and the entire process of creating the world and the races is believed to have happened over hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years).
- ??
(est. 250000) OW: Aitheoir creates the Angels as intermediaries between himself and mortals (The exact date is unknown but it is believed that the Angel Host has been around for at least 250,000 years).
- est. 1000 OW: War of the Angel Hosts: Several Angels who covet Aitheoir’s power rebel and begin a war, sweeping up many of the mortals into the conflicts (Though the exact start of the War of the Angel Hosts is unknown, it is generally accepted that the war raged for nearly 1,000 years before the Shattering).
- 0 NW: The Shattering: Aitheoir, tired of the conflict between his Angels, strikes down the Fallen shattering the land of Bythr’han into several continents. The defeated Fallen are banished from the Mortal Plane and most of their servants are cast into the Underdark. While most of the races survive, each race has been separated across different parts of the world and nearly all traces of civilization are wiped out.
- 1 NW: The Dwarves begin their penances as guardians of the Underdark.
- 13 NW: The Dravistan Empire is founded by the Dragonborn and begins the slow process of taming the desert continent.
- 17 NW: The last Dwarven King surrenders his throne in favor of a military run government. The king remains as a public figurehead with no political power.
- 25 NW: The human kingdom separates itself into two nations: The Republic of Yuanta and The Kingdoms of Man.
- 27 NW: The various royal families of the Kingdoms of Man come under control of King Nyran Karth. Those that do not fall in line are quickly crushed and their lands divvyed up among those loyal to King Nyran. The nation becomes known as the Kingdom of Karth.
- 28 NW: The Border Wars: Yuanta and Karth begin their decade long battle over land on the Southern Manikhar continent. The war is largely fueled by the ruler King Nyran’s desire for expansion.
- 29 NW: First contact between humans and Elves since the Shattering when Karth forces push north across the Manikhar Land Bridge and are turned back by Elven tribesmen.
- 32 NW: Yuanta secures the land just south of the Manikhar Bridge and begins making political overtures to the Elven tribes on the far side of the land bridge.
- 34 NW: Yuanta and the Elven tribes draft a formal alliance and securing Elven aide in keeping Karth from claiming any lands near the Bridge.
- 40 NW: King Nyran is slain in a coup led by several displaced royals and his own niece, Jethara Karth. Jethara is named Queen.
- 41 NW: Queen Jethara sends diplomatic envoys to the Elven tribes and signs non-aggression pacts, negating Yuanta’s advantage in the north.
- 42 NW: Jethara begins a series of assaults on Yuanta designed to pull their forces away from less strategic areas. She then executes a carefully planned assault that allows her to conquer most of the Southern half of South Manikhar.
Shortly after gaining this territory Queen Jethara opens diplomatic channels with Yuanta to establish formal, permanent borders between their two nations. She offers to trade much of the southern lands she conquered back to Yuanta in exchange for certain smaller strategic and better fortified lands in the north.
- 43 NW: Formal borders between Karth and Yuanta are ratified by both nations.
- 55 NW: The Dragonborn first encounter the Halflings living on the Dravistan coast.
- 62 NW: The Halflings are formally accepted as protectorate members of the Dravistan Empire.
- 83 NW: Trade agreements are established between Yuanta and the Elven Tribes.
- 110 NW: Yuanta begins sailing ships beyond coastal waters, opening new trade routes with the Elven Tribes.
- 108 NW: Port Harandar becomes the first Yuanta colony founded on the islands to the East of Yuanta which come to be known as the Harandar Islands.
- 122 NW: The War of Land and Sea: Karth invades the southern lands of Yuanta and seizes several coastal towns in a bid to begin its own colonization efforts in the Harandar Islands.
- 125 NW: The First Prophet, Daleus Taft, is awoken. He declares the Harandar Islands to be free lands, independent of Yuanta and Karth marking an end of the War of Land and Sea.
- 126 NW: Prophet Taft summons priests and holy men from Karth, Yuanta, and the Elven nations. Together they establish the first two Great Temples called the Twin Shrines which are the first multi-racial holy temples. One on the border of Yuanta and Karth dedicated to Pelor, and one in the Elven lands dedicated to Corellon.
- 127 NW: Prophet Taft leaves with three ships of holy men, dubbed the Holy Fleet, to seek out the other scattered races.
- 129 NW: The Great Temple of Corellon makes contact with the Dwarves. Though the Dwarves refuse to accept any into their underground kingdoms they send diplomats and priests out as representatives to the human and elven nations.
- 130 NW: The Holy Fleet stops at Port Harandar leaving a ship behind to establish the Great Temple of Melora.
The first independent shipping conglomerate, The Pirryn Rose Company, is founded in the Harrandar isles. Several more are quickly formed in its wake.
- 132 NW: The Holy Fleet arrives in Dravistan. Formal diplomatic channels are opened and the second of the ships stays behind to establishing the Great Temple of Bahamut.
- 135 NW: The last ship in the Holy Fleet completes its circumnavigation of the globe, establishing a temple to Kord at its landing spot along the western Karth shoreline.
- 140 NW: A formal organization for the Church of Aitheoir, independent of any of the kingdoms, is established with Prophet Taft as its head.
- 195 NW: Death of the First Prophet.
- 217 NW: The War of Holy Rites: A conflict of religious practices sparks a religious war between the Dwarves and Elves.
- 218 NW: Pirate attacks and strikes between various corporate rivals begin to paralyze the various trading companies established in the Harandar Islands.
- 220 NW: Fighting between the elves and dwarves is ended by a delegation of priests from Yuanta and Karth, marking the creation of the Church’s political branch.
A coordinated attack by various unscrupulous trading companies results in over 100 ships destroyed in a single day and 4 major trading companies being taken over by their rivals.
- 221 NW: A temple of Moradin is built near the main entrance to the Dwarven Kingdoms signaling the formal end to the War of Holy Rites.
- 222 NW: The Rose War: As pirate attacks continue to become more of a problem, the Pirryn Rose Company leads a conglomeration of 11 of the most powerful trading magnates in an all out war on the pirate forces and unscrupulous businesses backing them.
- 225 NW: The Pirryn Rose Company leads a devastating attack on the pirate forces seizing their lands and holdings.
- 226 NW: The majority of independently owned islands come under control of the Pirryn Rose Consortium prompting the group to formally declare the formation of the Pirryn nation.
- 230 NW: Various border wars arise as Pirryn attempts to annex islands controlled by the various other nations. The church intervenes to prevent a new war declaring these islands the property of their home nation.
- 245 NW: As many new shipping companies have arisen based within the borders of the various other nations, Pirryn begins to forcibly turn back any of these traders who enter sail the waters within their borders claiming that it is only “protecting its sovereign domain.”
- 250 NW: The Trade War: The nation of Karth begins sending military escorts with its trade ships to force its way through Pirryn’s blockades. Dravistan quickly begins doing the same and allies with Karth forming the Free Trade Coalition. Eventually all out war arises between the three nations.
- 253 NW: Yuanta is pulled into the war after several of their ships are mistakenly sunk by Pirryn forces. Pirryn denies responsibility but Yuanta joins the Free Trade Coalition.
- 254 NW: Needing allies, Pirryn makes favorable trade concessions with several of the Elven tribes in exchange for their support in the war. The tribes that refuse to join Pirryn openly protest the involvement of the other tribes in other nations’ affairs.
- 255 NW: The Pirryn Alliance manages stop the advance of the Fair Trade Coalition forcing a stalemate. Both sides focus on shoring up their defenses creating a tense standoff that lasts for several years.
- 261 NW: The economic impact of the war leads to drastic change with the Pirryn Admiralty. With the change Pirryn begins reaching out to the Fair Trade Coalition brokering for peace in the name of mutual profit. Karth and Dravistan refuse the overtures but Yuanta accepts. Though Yuanta will not offer military aid to Pirryn their withdrawal from the FTC prompts Karth and Dravistan to resume open warfare.
- 263 NW: The continued aggression of the remaining FTC members finally prompts Yuanta to offer military aid to the Pirryn Alliance. The combined forces begin pushing back the FTC.
- 265 NW: Hard pressed by Yuanta’s addition to the Pirryn Alliance and steadily losing ground within the Harandar Islands, both Karth and Dravistan begin negotiating with Pirryn for peace.
- 267 NW: A formal peace is struck between the FTC and Pirryn Alliance that includes formal trade policies between Pirryn and the other nations and access to key trade lanes through the islands for non-Pirryn based trade companies.
- 270 NW: Though the Trade War is ended the Elven Tribes that refused to participate in the Pirryn Alliance begin pushing for the other tribes to adopt their isolationist stance.
- 300 NW: After centuries of interaction with the outside world, the Elven Tribes adopt a formal government body to interact with the other nations on behalf of the combined tribes. The isolationist tribes speak out against this move.
- 315 NW: The Elven Nation begins to crack down on isolationist dissidence, causing some isolationists to respond with acts of violence.
- 320 NW: The isolationist tribes, accounting for over 1/5th of the Elven population, declare their independence from the Elven Nation. The Elven Nation responds by threatening military action unless the tribes agree to recognize the government’s authority.
- 323 NW: Unable to force the isolationist tribes back in line, the Elven Nation attempts to force the tribes to submit by sending in troops. The isolationist tribes begin open and active rebellion.
- 325 NW: Cardus Leafshadow claims the title of prophet. Cardus attempts to end the isolationist rebellion by declaring that if the isolationists are unwilling to serve the Elven government, then they must leave and found a new nation in the far south on the frozen continent of Forshac.
- 326 NW: Haigus Fallrunner calls Cardus a false prophet, claiming the title for himself and insists the isolationists must submit to the government of the Elven Nation. A schism begins to form in the church over support of the two prophets.
- 328 NW: The Schism War: An assassination attempt is made on Cardus Leafshadow, resulting in severe damage to the Great Temple of Corellon and sparking a series of armed conflicts between the two camps.
- 330 NW: A communion of the high priests of the all the Great Temples is called to deal with the issue of who is the true prophet, both Haigus Fallrunner and Cardus Leafshadow are present. During the meeting the angels Ioun and Erathis appear to the assembled priests and deliver the Tablet of Prophets, a intricate series of tests to prove that an awoken prophet is true.
- 331 NW: Cardus Leafshadow is confirmed to be the true prophet, Haigus Fallrunner and many of his closest supporters disappear before they can be taken into custody.
- 332 NW: Prophet Cardus re-issues his declaration that the isolationist elves must leave and found a new nation if they will not follow the dictates of the Elven government. He also commissions the building of Great Temples of both Erathis and Ioun.
- 333 NW: Pirryna provides ships to transport the isolationist elves to their new home where they adopt the name Eladrin, or Grey Elves. The Second Prophet journeys with the Eladrin and founds the Great Temple of the Raven Queen.
- 336 NW: The Eladrin formally found their new nation, the Great Tribes of Yskillian. They shun contact with the other nations, maintaining minimal diplomatic and trade relationships out of necessity.
- 350 NW: Prophet Cardus, now confident in the stability of the new Yskillian nation, accepts his role as leader of the Church.
- 365 NW: After many requests from dwarves of Barastovar, Prophet Cardus officially blesses the temple of Moradin built at the end of the War of Holy Rites as one of the Great Temples.
- 372 NW: The Tribes of Yskillian begin encountering Orc settlements. Skirmishes with the ferocious race become more frequent as the new nation expands across Forshac.
- 400 NW: Continually being pushed back by Yskillian tribes, the Orcs craft rudimentary boats and begin populating the rocky, sparsely populated islands just north of Forshac.
- 420 NW: Prophet Cardus dies.
- 480 NW: Pirryna shipping companies begin encountering Orc raiding parties in the middle islands. Pirryna begins taking active steps to halt the Orcs from migrating further north.
- 516 NW: Orcs begin raiding smaller Karthan and Yuantan towns along the southern coast of Manikhar and then fleeing inland to setup new Orc camps. Yuanta and Karth begin patrolling the waters along the coast for Orc vessels.
- 530 NW: Orcs attempt similar tactics on the Kithandere coasts but are unable to gain a significant foothold due to the native Kobold and Gnoll populations. The Dravistani Empire begins construction of ‘Bahamut’s Sheild’ – a massive sea wall just off the northern shoreline meant to block off ships from coming to their shores without permission.
- 586 NW: Orc encampments have spread to every continent to at least some degree.
- 639 – The Dravistani finish Bahamut’s Shield. Most shipping traffic is now routed into the major trade harbor of Ezj’derha, which soon becomes known as Vestibule.
- 675 NW: Orcs are discovered to have subdued many Goblin tribes within Manikar using them as foot soldiers and laborers.
- 679 NW: Goblins begin appearing within Orc tribes outside of the Manikar continent.
- 685 NW: Gnoll tribes become more aggressive, attacking smaller settlements particularly within the Halfling territories. The Gnoll attacks also begin stirring up Kobolds and prompting more violent encounters than normal.
- 692 NW: Orc ships unlike any seen before begin attacking trade vessels on the open seas.
- 695 NW: The Orc Wars: All over the world Orc/Goblin tribes begin attacking various settlements, the attacks are accompanied by powerful magic that have thus far not been associated with Orc spell casters.
- 698 NW: An Orc ship blasts a hole in the Dravistani sea wall landing large numbers of Orc and Goblin troops on Kithandere. The rampaging Gnolls are discovered to be aligned with the Orcs.
- 701 NW: The 3rd Prophet, Gravin Fairsteed, awakens and reveals that the power the Orcs wield comes from Orcus, one of the Lords of Hell. Prophet Gravin forms the Order of Arch Paladins to hunt and destroy Orcus.
- 710 NW: Orcus is confronted by the Arch Paladins and his human form destroyed. With his influence over the Orcs broken the alliances between the Orcs, Goblins, and Gnolls quickly breaks down.
- 715 NW: The Orcish forces are fully defeated. Most of the lesser races retreat to their native lands. The Orcs are hunted to near extension by both the civilized races and their former allies. The small number of Orcs that survive live as nomads travelling among the barely habitable islands in the far north and south of the Harandar Islands.
- 732 NW: Prophet Gravin commissions the building of Great Temples to the remaining angels as well as smaller shrines to the former prophets, setting the rule that no living prophet should have a shrine.
- 765 NW: Prophet Gravin dies. On his death bed he predicts 200 years of peace but warns they those years will be the calm before the storm.
- 973 NW: The Dwarves send representatives to all the major kingdoms claiming the Underdark has been breached and requesting aid in the form of resources. The dwarves refuse to allow any of the races access to their underground kingdom per their sacred traditions so the claims cannot be verified and only minimal aid is given.
- 987 NW: The Dwarves once again request aid in their battles against the Underdark claiming that they will have to resort to drastic measures to uphold their sacred duty if no aid is given. Once again only minimal aid is given since they will not allow their claims to be verified.
- 994 NW: The Dwarven Offensive: An army of Dwarves emerge from the underground kingdom and in a surprise attack begin conquering the surrounding areas of the Elven Nation. The Dwarves carve a direct line of conquest to the Elven capital, seizing it within the year.
- 995 NW: The Church calls on the Dwarves to halt their invasion of the Elven nation. Their requests are ignored as the Dwarves insist they must have resources to hold back the Underdark.
- 1016 NW: Despite attempts to aid the Elves and the constant admonitions of the Church, the Dwarven forces have conquered almost all of the Elven territories. Almost half the Elven population has been captured and enslaved by the Dwarves, the rest has fled south to Yuanta and Karth. The Dwarves begin to solidify their hold over their new lands.
- 1024 NW: The Dwarves resume their advance south across the Manikhar continent, crossing the Land Bridge into Yuanta and Karth.
- 1027 NW: Yuanta and Karth unite their military forces to push the Dwarves back across the land bridge.
- 1030 NW: The Yuanta and Karth military alliance is upset by the death of the Karthan leader, Handrid Goval. The ensuing fight for the crown pulls most of the Karth forces from the front lines allowing the Dwarves to once again begin advancing into the human territories.
- 1032 NW: Draygar Sanzat, the Karthan general formerly in charge of the combined Yuanta-Karthan military forces leads a coup against the quarrelling royals and claims the throne, returning the Karthan forces to the front lines and once again pushing the dwarves back across the land bridge. Under his rule he begins pushing for more integration of Karthan military and government with Yuanta to better combat Barastovar.
- 1042 NW: After 10 years of closer and closer integration of the two societies, Yuanta and Karth formally unite their nations into Yuan-Karth and declare the use of slaves illegal within their borders.
- 1126 NW: After nearly 100 years of back and forth across the Manikhar land bridge, Barastovar agrees to allow the church to act as arbiter between them and Yuan-Karth.
- 1128 NW: As arbitration is on the verge of breaking down one of the church’s delegation, Gavin Hearthbow, awakens as the 4th Prophet and declares the land bridge as the site of a holy city dedicated to Aitheoir himself.
- 1130 NW: After Gavin is verified as a Prophet, Yuan-Karth immediately agrees to cede control of the land bridge to the Church. Barastovar only agrees to do so after both the Church and Yuan-Karth reluctantly agree to allow them to hold the Elven lands they have conquered without any interference.
Construction of AIther begins
- 1162 NW: The Holy City of Aither is completed completed with docks for shipping and trade. This is largely a capital for the Church and its various bodies, such as the Arch Paladins. However a proper city quickly begins grown up around it.
- 1168: Prophet Gavin dies.
- 1170 NW: Barastovar makes complaints to the Church that various parties are using the town outside of Aither as a port for smuggling slaves out of Barastovar and into Yuan-Karth and threatens war if the Church does not take action. The Church does not make an official response.
- 1172 NW: Barastovar begins mobilizing its military in response to the continued smuggling of slaves and declares their intention to raid the Aither docks to root out slave runners. Fearful their own slave caste could be threatened; additional pressure comes from Dravistan to declare “stealing” slaves from other countries to be illegal. The Church finally issues an edict declaring that each nation shall make its own laws regarding slavery and that it is illegal to take any action that would subvert that nation’s laws. Aither begins actively policing against slave runners.
- 1207 NW: Barastovar again begins demanding that their require resources for their war against the Underdark. The other nations accuse them of extortion and offer no aid.
- 1233 NW: Dravistan begins withdrawing its diplomats from other nations without warning and all attempts to enter the Dravistani empire by outsiders is refused.
- 1235 NW: + Beginning of the campaign +

Bythr'han Time Line

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