Vitor H’ssarin


Vitor is a Dragonborn with sandy yellow scales which are slightly discolored brown around the ears and throat (a common sign of aging among Dragonborn). Vitor is tall even for a Dragonborn but not as bulky as most of his kin owing to his extensive training as an assassin which values speed and dexterity as much as strength.


Very little is known of Vitor’s past prior to joining the church. The only thing that is certain is that he is a former member of the Serpents, an elite order of assassins in service to the Dravistani Emperor.

It is believed that as a child Vitor was a member of the slave caste and was kept under a particularly brutal Slave Handler who kept all of his slaves on the brink of dehydration as a method of controlling them. It is said that one morning the handler was found dead in his locked room with lungs filled with sand and no signs of intrusion. Unable to find the guilty party the whole clutch of slaves was threatened with punishment until Vitor came forward and confessed to killing the Handler. However, rather than facing punishment Vitor was recruited by the Serpents and given the name H’ssarin (Sandfang in Draconic)

Nothing but myth and rumors surround Vitor’s years of service to the Serpents but it is said he attained the highest ranks within their order before choosing to leave their service and take a position with the Church of Aitheoir.

However this is no small feat, it is well known that the only way to leave the Serpents is in death (and some say not even then). But Vitor not only left but has spent nearly three decades in service to the Church. In the early years of his service there were many “incidents” which the Church suspected might be failed assassination attempts by the Serpents but Vitor has never admitted to this.

Since joining the Church’s diplomatic service Vitor has largely served as an intelligence agent. He quickly became one of the Church’s top agents. He was eventually offered the post as Head of Covert Operations but turned the position down to remain in the field. In the last couple of years Vitor’s age has finally caught up him, forcing him to take less and less active roles in the Church various field operations.

Though his days in the field are largely behind him now, Vitor is still a respected diplomat and his name is legendary within intelligence circles.

Vitor H’ssarin

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