Minor NPCs


  • Esilee and Daniel Nidorna: Wealthy merchants with many connections in both Barastovar and Yuan-Karth. The family has an excellent public reputation and is known for their focus on community improvement
  • Mayor Clive and Loretta Redgard: The first-term mayor of the city of Aither, Clive is lifelong politician. He has recently come under suspicions that for giving kickbacks to his wealthy supporters, though he adamantly denies these claims.
  • Julian Durance: A young and upcoming politician who many suspect will be the city’s next mayor.
  • Deacon Dolan Chance: Deacon Chance is one of the church’s best diplomats and well known in political circles. He has been heavily involved in trying to ease the on-going tensions between Barastovar and Yuan-Karth; though recently he has been shifting his efforts to trying to re-open communication with Dravistan.
  • High Priest Vyrrd Snowdrift: An Eladrin priest in charge of the church’s diplomatic branch. He is constantly seeking ways to pressure Barastovar into returning the lands taken from the elves.
  • Dockmaster Gathran Pycell: Pycell is the top man in charge of the Aither docks and is responsible for ensuring that the constant flow of ships, cargo, and passengers runs like clockwork.


  • Major General Farroway Shalescar: Shalescar is the head of the largest of Barastovar’s slave companies.
  • Taylin Shalescar: Taylin is celebrating his age of independence and is highly interested in entering the political or diplomatic fields. During his Age of Independence celebration Taylin was kidnapped by an group and was rescued by the Heroes.
  • Lisbetta Honeywine: Taylin Farroway’s personal slave. She attends on him nearly at all times. During Taylin’s party she was kidnapped by the same group that nabbed Taylin. Farroway had offered Dagna a reward to ensure Lisbetta did not survive the incident (by any means necessary). Dagna and his servant Warforged, Vigil were able to arrange for her and Vigil to be separated from the group and Vigil giving the Warforged the opportunity to kill her and claim she ran away to escape her enslavement. So far, no one other than Dagna and Vigil are aware of the deception.
  • Colonel Kalder Steelbreaker: An influential member of the Barastovarian diplomatic corps and first officer to the Barastovarian Ambassador to Aither.
  • Brigadier Baythric Kloudsson: Brigadier Kloudsson is the Chief Barastovarian ambassador to Aither.
  • Ba’aldran Flameborn: A successful blacksmith and one of the top providers of arms to the Barastovarian army. Dagnabbit’s uncle.
  • Lieutenant General Frask Shaftbreaker: One of the top generals serving directly under the Barastovarian High General. He is Major General Farroway’s direct superior.
  • Captain Micha Augerfist: Current captain of the Blood Dogs, a fearsome group of rouge slave hunters.
  • Reitana Shalescare Wife of Farroway and Mother of Taylin. She was believed dead for many years but in truth she had left her family for service as an elite spy for Barastovar. She seems to have some history with Vitor.


  • Duke Filas Bladesong: A young and upcoming member of the Karthan Royalty.
  • Nathan Ballaster: A powerful figure in Yuan-Karth politics, he comes from a long line of influential politicians and has the unique privilege of having served as both Demarch and twice as Publican.
  • Devon Ballaster: Son of Nathan and a quickly rising star in Yuan-Karth political circles.
  • Hardaway Filibash: The Halfling ambassador to Aither. Since the Dragonborn’s withdrawal from political and diplomatic circles he is the only public voice for Dravistan.

Minor NPCs

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