Warforged are powerful, semi-sentient machines built by the Dwarves to serve as laborers and warriors. Warforged know little other than obedience to their master, though there are tales of rouge Warforged who are said to have gain true self-awareness. No one knows how these rare intelligent Warforged come to be, but some say it is because they are possessed by souls who did not wish to leave this world. The Warforged are constructs made by the Dwarves and, as such, are exclusively found within the Barastovar empire.


The Warforged do not actively worship Aitheoir since they lack the self-awareness for spiritual pursuits. However they are often found in service to the Church at shrines and temples located within the borders of Barastovar.


Warforged do not have their own langauge and instead are built to speak Dwarven and Common by their makers.


Bythr'han Sageheart