Humans are the world’s great explorers. Their adventurous spirit and determination also makes them the most well-traveled. Humans are the most populous race on the planet and are found to at least some degree within every kingdom. The largest human population is Yuan-Karth which is nearly 3/5 humans. The second is the merchant-kingdom of Pirynna which is smaller in total population but is nearly 3/4 humans.


Humans are the least complicated worshipers of Aitheoir, typically following the most basic tenets and rituals and having little issue with some of the less common traditions observed by other races. This and their larger population has made Humans the most common face of the Church as they tend to get along with the religious base of all the other races.


The language of humans is often referred to as Common. Due to the dominant presence of Humans within the world, Common is the official written and spoken language of the Church and the un-official language of both trade and diplomacy. As such nearly everyone learns to speak and write common to at least some degree. However, due to its widespread use Common is rarely seen used in magical practice.

Though Common is wide-spread in its use there are several dialects that have developed within the various human kingdoms.

  • Yuantan Common: The dialect developed in Yuanta prior to its union with Karth. The dialect is considered to be the educated man’s common and sometimes referred to as “Standard Common.” Speaking in Yuantan Common generally gives the perception of formal education though it can also make one seem unimportant or unremarkable.
  • Karth Common: This dialect developed in Karth prior to its union with Yuanta. This dialect is considered to be highly formal and is sometimes referred to as “High Common.” Many view Yuantan Common as indicating wealth or breeding though it can also carry an air of stuffiness and snobbery.
  • Pirate Common: This dialect developed among the lower ranking member of Piryyna. This dialect is very informal and features many shortened or bastardized elements of Yuantan and Karth common and is often referred to as “Low Common.” Many assume those speaking in Pirate Common lack education and breeding though it can also imply a rough nature.
  • Halfling Common: This dialect was developed among the Halflings. Halfling Common is used almost exclusively by the Halflings and Dragonborn and has picked up some elements of the Draconian language. Speakers of Halfling Common who are not familiar with other forms of Common will sometimes misunderstand statements made in other dialects. This has led to many issues with miss-communications, some of which may be done deliberately when making deals in order to throw the other party off guard. This dialect is sometimes referred to as “Foreign Common” and is considered to be a heavily accented form of Common. Those speaking in Halfling Common can be perceived as being mysterious and untrustworthy or simply an untraveled rube.


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