Dragonborn are strong and prideful, believing themselves to be the ultimate race. They tend to keep to themselves as a people largely because they look down on all others as being lesser and impure. The Dragonborn are the masters of the Dravistan empire and found largely within its borders.


The Dragonborn almost exclusively worship Aitheoir in Bahamut’s name and their worship also extends to the reverence of dragons as Aitheoir’s most holy creatures. Dragonborn observe long, complex rituals (the longest of which lasts for 5 days) though these are largely restricted to special holy days and special events.


The Draconian language is a mix of fluid sounds and guttural stops that evolved to be able to carry easily of the vast stretches of the desert. It is often spoken very loudly and is said to be based on the calls and roars of dragons.

The written script is based on thick characters with cursive-style curves that can easily be carved into sandstone. This alphabet is also used in any magical writings.

The Dragonborn have a second alphabet that is used only by members of the imperial family for recording their family histories and records of their accomplishments. No one outside of the royal family is ever taught this script, which is a more stylized version of basic draconian. It is forbidden for anyone who is not part of the Imperial family to even see something written in this script.


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