Beneath The City

Quinn’s Mission Log #1
I know we’re supposed to be keeping our activities secret, but I can’t help it. If I don’t write this down, no one will ever know how amazing this is! I’m penning this from the ruins of the old city buried beneath Nyransgard. There must be a ton of salvageable parts and artifacts just lying around in the dust, waiting for someone to pick them up. But I don’t have the luxury of scavenging; Dagna’s urging the group to press on. It’s hard to tell what time it is down here, but I have a feeling we’re running out of hours until dawn and we need to reach the Royalist’s stronghold before then.

I’d rather wait for my ankle to heal, personally. In the past few hours we’ve been blinded by dust clouds, burned by acid, choked by poisonous fumes and knocked over by exploding pipelines. Vigil had to pry my foot out of not one, but two, collapsed floor tiles. The rest of the group isn’t faring much better. Esmar fell into a pile of rat traps. He still has two of them stuck to his cloak. Maybe I’ll tell him later.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to think Vitor was right about us needing help. It would explain Shedinn’s timely arrival. He’s the latest addition to our group, and aside from our acerbic leader he’s the only other dragonborn I’ve ever seen. Hasn’t said much since meeting up with us in the tunnels, but there is something on his person with an arcane signature that makes my hairs stand on end. I’m worried it’s going to interfere with my gear. Have to look into it…
Lord Filth

Following their first successful mission, the spies enjoy some downtime. Dagna and Vigil are awarded by Farroway Shalescar for discreetly handling his ‘little problem.’ His son Taylin had become romantically involved with his slave, Lisbetta – a practice that was considered disgraceful in his culture, and one that threatened to dishonor his family.

Vitor soon handed the team their next mission. Rumors have reached the church that a group called the “Royalists” has been gaining influence in Yuan-Karth. The aim of the group is to dissolve the alliance between Yuanta and Karth and return Karth to its ‘former glory.’ The organization, Vitor maintains, has been around since the alliance was formed and has been beneath the church’s concern, run mainly by zealots blind to the social and economic destabilization their goals would bring to their own nation. However, he suspects that the Royalists are now being funded by an outside group that would benefit from throwing Yuan-Karth into disarray — namely its would-be conqueror, the dwarven empire of Barastovar. Vitor sends the group to Nyransgard, a city in Karth known to be a stronghold of the Royalists, to gather more information. He hands them a strange coin with the number 7 on one side and a picture of a duck on the other. The coin, he says, will grant them an audience with Lord Filth, a self-styled vagrant king that knows the city better than its true rulers.

Having learned that Lord Filth has a strange fascination with ducks, the group makes a side trip to catch one to offer as tribute. When they arrive at the city, the spies meet some of the gutter king’s ‘subjects’ and are escorted to his audience chamber after proffering the coin. Lord Filth grudgingly accepts their gestures of obeisance (as well as the gift of Goose the Duck) and reveals that a secret way into the Royalists’ compound can be found through the crypts under the city’s Sanctuary of the Raven Queen. He then scratches the number 7 off the coin, replaces it with a 6 and sends the group on its way.

The spies kill time in a tavern until nightfall, then sneak into the Sanctuary and make their way to the crypts beneath. Unfortunately, they emerge into a catacomb infested with spiders and the crypt’s sleepless guardians, all locked in combat. After all threats are dispatched, the group presses on deeper into the tunnels beneath Nyransgard.

Taylin and Lisbetta

After following a highly suspect frosting trail, the spies break into the warehouse and are confronted by a band of thugs. A quick dustup leaves most of the brutes down and two of them on the run, which the group follows to a small dock along one of the city’s canals. A bound Taylin is being unceremoniously shoved onto a small skiff by an elven woman and her two bodyguards, while his slave Lisbetta is being loaded onto a second skiff. As the first boat pulls away from the dock, the party quickly finishes off the remaining thugs, knocks one out and drags him aboard the second skiff to pursue.
A fight breaks out between the two skiffs as they race through the city’s canals. Dagna takes the oars as Zahara provides mist cover and Esmer and Gjorn question Lisbetta and the prisoner. After a few volleys from both sides, the ships collide and the party meets Taylin’s abductor with swords drawn. To save herself, the elven woman pushes Taylin overboard and dives into the canal herself, swiftly disappearing. Vigil quickly dives in and hefts the young dwarf safely back onto the boat, but can find no trace of the elf.
Questioning revealed little information about the motives or the source of the plot against the Shalescar family, but the party was happy to be able to deliver Taylin safely home. Along the way, however, Dagna exchanged knowing glances with Vigil and instructed him to ‘take Lisbetta ahead to the Shalescar manor.’ The warforged then took the slave to an alley and ended her life.

The Cake Is A Lie

A mimic masquerading as a birthday cake wreaks havoc at the party, and the spies attempt to escort the guests safely out of the manor while Vigil fends it off. When the icing settles, the group learns that young Taylin Shalescar and his elf slave Lisbetta Honeywine have disappeared in the chaos. Reitana Farroway, Taylin’s mother, storms in with a group of guards to head up the investigation. In the meantime, Vitor calls the group aside and reclaims their findings from the mission. He then charges them with a new task – track town Taylin’s abductors and return the dwarf safely to his family.
Their only lead is a bakery called Big G’s Sinful Sweets, but as the group heads into town, a courier sent from Farroway Shalescar pulls aside Dagna and Vigil and hands them a message. The two accept it and keep its contents secret.
Later, an investigation at the bakery turns up little evidence of anything but a normal cake leaving the building, but the group manages to pick up the trail of the cart used to transport it to the party. It had diverted from its course, and one of the delivery boys was found murdered and thrown into a nearby alley along the way. Esmer’s keen eyes picked up the trail from there, which led them to a darkened warehouse branded with a sigil he recognized immediately— the Black Rose Shipping Company.

Crashing The Party

In Bythr’han, the deity Aitheoir knows and sees all. But his church in the holy city of Aither relies on mortal eyes and ears to seek out any threats to the tenuous peace of the realm. In the wake of rising tensions, the church has recruited a new team of spies: Dagna Flameborn, a dwarf warlord from Barastovar; his loyal warforged guardian, Vigil Firecore; Esmar Tuek, a half-elf corsair from Pirynna; Quinn Stormvale, a human artificer from Yuan-Karth; Gjorn Halcyon, an eladrin cleric from Yskilian; and Zahara Gail, a young elven ranger with a mysterious past.

Under the stern guidance of Vitor H’ssarin, a dragonborn intelligence officer for the church, the agents embark on their first mission: to investigate rumors of a slave exchange between Barastovar and Dravistan orchestrated by Major General Farroway Shalescar: the head of the largest of Barastovar’s slave companies.

The group infiltrated the coming-of-age party of Shalescar’s son Taylin, posing as servants and diplomats while searching for evidence and gathering information on Aither’s elite.
Dagna and Vigil stumbled across a secret meeting between Farroway and a cloaked conspirator, but were caught and detained for questioning. Meanwhile, Esmar and Zahara snuck upstairs and uncovered documents regarding the slave trade, but not before Zahara had a chance encounter with one of the servants – someone from her past who mentioned something about a “resistance.” Quinn and Gjorn roamed the party, unearthing a few of the nobles’ secrets. The group rendezvoused in time for the highlight of the event: the cake, which is a rare dwarven delicacy. As it turned out, the cake was more interested in eating them

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