Zahara Gail

Elf Female Ranger


Zahara was born with the name Adrie and raised as a slave in Barastovar. In her youth she lived with her mother, Gail, who served a prominent diplomat. It was during that time that a woman named Zahara, the dwarf nanny to the diplomat’s children, took an interest in Adrie and allowed her to secretly listen in on her young charges’ schooling lessons. It was these lessons that sparked Adrie’s interesting in learning and taught her many of the Dwarven social graces. As she grew up into a beautiful young woman this knowledge served her well and her master took to showing her off at various parties where she was noticed for her beauty and poise as well as her insightful discussions on politics and current events. This unusual mixture of beauty and intelligence made her quite sought after as a slave and led to Adrie being sold or traded off by her masters on several occasions.

Her last master, Belgard Stonesoul, proved to be particularly cruel and lecherous, especially when drunk. When Adrie would refuse his drunken advances he would often become abusive towards her and any other slaves unfortunate enough to cross his path afterward. One evening after she had again rejected her master she discovered him forcing himself on a young elf slave, brutalizing the young girl in the process. In a rage Adrie snuck into the kitchens and slipped poison into the food that was to be brought up for his nightly meal. She immediately slipped off the grounds and ran away. Adrie was lucky enough to stumble upon Esmar Tuek, who was a member of the Freedom Road movement and smuggled her out of Barastovar.

After escaping she changed her appearance: chopping off her blonde hair and dying it reddish brown as well as adopting a more conservative style of dress, including her now signature grey cloak. She also took the name Zahara Gail, after the woman who sparked her interest in learning about the world and her mother who she hasn’t seen in many years.

Zahara Gail

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