Quinn Stormvale

Human Female Artificer


Quinn comes from a long line of Stormvales, once a powerful house of mages that served the great kings of Karth for hundreds of years. Over the years their power and numbers have dwindled. What few Stormvales that are left (Quinn’s eccentric relatives) keep to themselves in their decaying manor, while Aurelius Stormvale, Quinn’s father, moved further into the city and set up his own arcaneum, married, and had two children, Anton and Quinn.

Aurelius instructed them both in the arcane arts, but when Anton failed to show any sign of magical ability, he was forced to rely on Quinn to carry on the Stormvale legacy. It was a prospect that afforded him little comfort, as his daughter was more interested in poking around ruins and “tinkering with junk” than turning her abilities to the study of true magic. Anton, saddened by his father’s disappointment, took his share of the much-depleted Stormvale inheritance and went off to Pirynna to seek his fortunes. Quinn remained, and when she was not helping out in the arcaneum, she would spend time exploring old Karthian ruins or battlefields, bringing back interesting parts or relics and combining them with magic to create new devices. She would often sell these to supplement their modest income.

Quinn Stormvale

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