Esmar Tuek

Half-elf Male Rogue


Esmar grew up on the high seas of the Harandar Islands where he was taken in by a wise old captain named Nicodema Khan. After the loss of his first ship and all of its crew except for himself Esmar fell into a deep depression and fell in with a less savory crowd.

He then fell in with Captain Yasen Gahem, an old friend of Khan’s. Esmar eventually earned the captaincy of his own ship and quickly learned that Gahem was a smuggler. Less inclined to smuggling Esmar largely used his ship to help in smuggling elf slaves escaping Barastovar as a part of what was known as the Freedom Road.

Unwilling to participate in Gahem’s more illicit activities Esmar quickly found himself relegated to duties as a glorified paper pusher. Unhappy with his reduced position he once again reached out to the aging Khan and was setup with a position that Khan promised would bring plenty of adventure: though the last thing Esmar had expected was for the position to turn out to be as a diplomat and spy.

Esmar Tuek

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