Dagna Flameborn

Dwarf Male Warlord


Dagna is the first-born of Galdrung Flameborn. His family is a well-respected line of Dwarves that are known for producing excellent blacksmithes/forgers and honorable military men. Unfortunately, Galdrung was not one of them. Galdrung lacked the honor, the brass, and the fortitude of his kin. Whenever shady business happened in town, Galdrung was suspected to be at the heart of it though little could ever be proved.

Dagna, however, is nothing like his father, taking more in common with his uncles and grandfather. This has made him quite the disappointment to Galdrung who took to calling his son ‘Dagnabbit’ for his constant tendency to disappoint him. However, Dagnabbit took the nickname and made it his own; further infuriating his father by taking the name which had been meant to demean him and making it one which was highly respected within Barastovar.


Dagna Flameborn

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