Lord Filth

Following their first successful mission, the spies enjoy some downtime. Dagna and Vigil are awarded by Farroway Shalescar for discreetly handling his ‘little problem.’ His son Taylin had become romantically involved with his slave, Lisbetta – a practice that was considered disgraceful in his culture, and one that threatened to dishonor his family.

Vitor soon handed the team their next mission. Rumors have reached the church that a group called the “Royalists” has been gaining influence in Yuan-Karth. The aim of the group is to dissolve the alliance between Yuanta and Karth and return Karth to its ‘former glory.’ The organization, Vitor maintains, has been around since the alliance was formed and has been beneath the church’s concern, run mainly by zealots blind to the social and economic destabilization their goals would bring to their own nation. However, he suspects that the Royalists are now being funded by an outside group that would benefit from throwing Yuan-Karth into disarray — namely its would-be conqueror, the dwarven empire of Barastovar. Vitor sends the group to Nyransgard, a city in Karth known to be a stronghold of the Royalists, to gather more information. He hands them a strange coin with the number 7 on one side and a picture of a duck on the other. The coin, he says, will grant them an audience with Lord Filth, a self-styled vagrant king that knows the city better than its true rulers.

Having learned that Lord Filth has a strange fascination with ducks, the group makes a side trip to catch one to offer as tribute. When they arrive at the city, the spies meet some of the gutter king’s ‘subjects’ and are escorted to his audience chamber after proffering the coin. Lord Filth grudgingly accepts their gestures of obeisance (as well as the gift of Goose the Duck) and reveals that a secret way into the Royalists’ compound can be found through the crypts under the city’s Sanctuary of the Raven Queen. He then scratches the number 7 off the coin, replaces it with a 6 and sends the group on its way.

The spies kill time in a tavern until nightfall, then sneak into the Sanctuary and make their way to the crypts beneath. Unfortunately, they emerge into a catacomb infested with spiders and the crypt’s sleepless guardians, all locked in combat. After all threats are dispatched, the group presses on deeper into the tunnels beneath Nyransgard.



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