Taylin and Lisbetta

After following a highly suspect frosting trail, the spies break into the warehouse and are confronted by a band of thugs. A quick dustup leaves most of the brutes down and two of them on the run, which the group follows to a small dock along one of the city’s canals. A bound Taylin is being unceremoniously shoved onto a small skiff by an elven woman and her two bodyguards, while his slave Lisbetta is being loaded onto a second skiff. As the first boat pulls away from the dock, the party quickly finishes off the remaining thugs, knocks one out and drags him aboard the second skiff to pursue.
A fight breaks out between the two skiffs as they race through the city’s canals. Dagna takes the oars as Zahara provides mist cover and Esmer and Gjorn question Lisbetta and the prisoner. After a few volleys from both sides, the ships collide and the party meets Taylin’s abductor with swords drawn. To save herself, the elven woman pushes Taylin overboard and dives into the canal herself, swiftly disappearing. Vigil quickly dives in and hefts the young dwarf safely back onto the boat, but can find no trace of the elf.
Questioning revealed little information about the motives or the source of the plot against the Shalescar family, but the party was happy to be able to deliver Taylin safely home. Along the way, however, Dagna exchanged knowing glances with Vigil and instructed him to ‘take Lisbetta ahead to the Shalescar manor.’ The warforged then took the slave to an alley and ended her life.



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