Crashing The Party

In Bythr’han, the deity Aitheoir knows and sees all. But his church in the holy city of Aither relies on mortal eyes and ears to seek out any threats to the tenuous peace of the realm. In the wake of rising tensions, the church has recruited a new team of spies: Dagna Flameborn, a dwarf warlord from Barastovar; his loyal warforged guardian, Vigil Firecore; Esmar Tuek, a half-elf corsair from Pirynna; Quinn Stormvale, a human artificer from Yuan-Karth; Gjorn Halcyon, an eladrin cleric from Yskilian; and Zahara Gail, a young elven ranger with a mysterious past.

Under the stern guidance of Vitor H’ssarin, a dragonborn intelligence officer for the church, the agents embark on their first mission: to investigate rumors of a slave exchange between Barastovar and Dravistan orchestrated by Major General Farroway Shalescar: the head of the largest of Barastovar’s slave companies.

The group infiltrated the coming-of-age party of Shalescar’s son Taylin, posing as servants and diplomats while searching for evidence and gathering information on Aither’s elite.
Dagna and Vigil stumbled across a secret meeting between Farroway and a cloaked conspirator, but were caught and detained for questioning. Meanwhile, Esmar and Zahara snuck upstairs and uncovered documents regarding the slave trade, but not before Zahara had a chance encounter with one of the servants – someone from her past who mentioned something about a “resistance.” Quinn and Gjorn roamed the party, unearthing a few of the nobles’ secrets. The group rendezvoused in time for the highlight of the event: the cake, which is a rare dwarven delicacy. As it turned out, the cake was more interested in eating them



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