Beneath The City

Quinn’s Mission Log #1
I know we’re supposed to be keeping our activities secret, but I can’t help it. If I don’t write this down, no one will ever know how amazing this is! I’m penning this from the ruins of the old city buried beneath Nyransgard. There must be a ton of salvageable parts and artifacts just lying around in the dust, waiting for someone to pick them up. But I don’t have the luxury of scavenging; Dagna’s urging the group to press on. It’s hard to tell what time it is down here, but I have a feeling we’re running out of hours until dawn and we need to reach the Royalist’s stronghold before then.

I’d rather wait for my ankle to heal, personally. In the past few hours we’ve been blinded by dust clouds, burned by acid, choked by poisonous fumes and knocked over by exploding pipelines. Vigil had to pry my foot out of not one, but two, collapsed floor tiles. The rest of the group isn’t faring much better. Esmar fell into a pile of rat traps. He still has two of them stuck to his cloak. Maybe I’ll tell him later.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to think Vitor was right about us needing help. It would explain Shedinn’s timely arrival. He’s the latest addition to our group, and aside from our acerbic leader he’s the only other dragonborn I’ve ever seen. Hasn’t said much since meeting up with us in the tunnels, but there is something on his person with an arcane signature that makes my hairs stand on end. I’m worried it’s going to interfere with my gear. Have to look into it…



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