The Cake Is A Lie

A mimic masquerading as a birthday cake wreaks havoc at the party, and the spies attempt to escort the guests safely out of the manor while Vigil fends it off. When the icing settles, the group learns that young Taylin Shalescar and his elf slave Lisbetta Honeywine have disappeared in the chaos. Reitana Farroway, Taylin’s mother, storms in with a group of guards to head up the investigation. In the meantime, Vitor calls the group aside and reclaims their findings from the mission. He then charges them with a new task – track town Taylin’s abductors and return the dwarf safely to his family.
Their only lead is a bakery called Big G’s Sinful Sweets, but as the group heads into town, a courier sent from Farroway Shalescar pulls aside Dagna and Vigil and hands them a message. The two accept it and keep its contents secret.
Later, an investigation at the bakery turns up little evidence of anything but a normal cake leaving the building, but the group manages to pick up the trail of the cart used to transport it to the party. It had diverted from its course, and one of the delivery boys was found murdered and thrown into a nearby alley along the way. Esmer’s keen eyes picked up the trail from there, which led them to a darkened warehouse branded with a sigil he recognized immediately— the Black Rose Shipping Company.



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